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Learning about the wildlife control policy in Chicago is a simple task. Just call the experts at the Wildlife Control Policy Institute.

Would you like to learn more about the current wildlife control policy in Chicago? At the Wildlife Control Policy Institute, we are a nonprofit, research-based, urban nuisance wildlife control policy development and consulting firm, dedicated to protecting the area's families, businesses, and animals. Our team works tirelessly to find new, innovative, and humane ways to protect the wild animals inhabiting urban areas, allowing the animals to thrive and prosper without posing any potential danger to humans or household pets.

In order to learn more about the subject, or to deal with potential problems in your neighborhood, contact any of the following for more information:

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: www.cdc.gov
  • Centers for Wildlife Damage Management: icwdm.org
  • Residential nuisance wildlife control service: ABC Humane Wildlife Control, serving Chicagoland, 24 hour emergency service available, open every day: www.abcwildlife.com
  • City of Chicago Department of Animal Care and Control for dog and cat emergencies, adoption, and related services: www.cityofchicago.org
  • Cook County, Illinois Rabies Control: laboratory testing and protocol information: Telephone: (708) 974-6140, www.co.cook.il.us
  • Lake County, Illinois Rabies Control: laboratory testing and protocol information: Telephone: (847) 949-9925, www.lakecountyil.gov/Health/resources/Rabies.htm

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If you need information about the wildlife control policy in Chicago, you've come to the right place. Founded in 2002, the Wildlife Control Policy Institute is a nonprofit, scientific and educational organization dedicated to the conservation and professional management of North America's urban wild animals. We are available 24/7, and ready to answer any calls or address any questions you may have. Give us a call today!

Learn how education is used for humane and effective wildlife control and more with Your Guide to Wildlife Control Policy in Chicagoland.

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